Through these eyes I've seen the shape of things to come!

I’m a photographer! I use a camera and a fierce work ethic to make things happen.


Minimalist composition with maximum Joy.
I love working at weddings, especially ones with razor sharp style and couples who live life full throttle.


Framing, light and genuine emotion. I like to make classic, refined and true to life portraits.


All you want is a photo in your wallet
A small remembrance of something more solid
All you want is a picture of you.

Shot by Sinead Firman Photography in Stockholm

About me

I’m known for getting right to the point….so I’ll get right to the point. I’m a Persian (like the cat and the rug)/Italian, punk rock loving’ camera chick with a mild obsession for straight lines and perfect composition. 

I take portraits of people. I create images that will make you feel awesome also I really want to own a Landrover Defender and 1000 cats.

V. Important: I like coffee with oat-milk and vegan chocolate cakes; bring some to the session and I promise I’ll take a flat-lay photo for Instagram (that’s what coffee and cake is for, right?)

What’s your style I hear you call…

IT IS NOT light and airy… NOT dark and moody.

It’s warm, authentic and honest with a romanesque elegance.

…And booking me as your photographer doesn’t have to be a nerve wracking experience. Read about my process here and get in touch with me!