A romantic and elegant wedding in Trieste - Debora and Giovanni

From the moment I met them for the first time, in a meeting, I knew this couple had great things to offer me to photograph!

An amazing taste for details, and interior design with that clean touch of minimalism were the first things to catch my eyes. Getting to know them was even better: two huge travelers, a little bit of nerd passions, great collections of comics and selected memorabilia from all their travels. Couldn’t get any better, right?

Last summer, Debora and Giovanni tied the knot in Trieste, my hometown, celebrating afterwards in the amazing hills of San Floriano, at the Formentini Castle.

As I learned about them and their story, I couldn’t help it but to agree to stop at a certain gas station for a coffee and a 5 minute shooting. They told me about how they ALWAYS stop there, for coffee and cookies, on the way to the airport. Before every single travel! I just love traditions! Besides, the bride was so pretty, she could have rocked any location!


The catering of Formentini Castle took good care of the guests while we were shooting, so everyone was well rested and fed when the bride and groom arrived at the location, making them to start the party right away.

The amazing theme chosen for the wedding was “travel” (Of course), but with a huge twist: all the tables were named after magical and mythological places like Thule, Neverland and Eden. I just fell in love with the design and realization of all the stationery!

Nothing stopped their smiles during this amazing day, and even in the rainiest day a little bit of sun started shining through the clouds, just before the sunset!

It was one of my favorite weddings of the last year, when the couple puts so much effort in all the details, the result can’t be anything but great, as their wedding was!

Enjoy the gallery!

Wedding venue: Formentini Castle

Wedding stationery: K-Copy Trieste

Second shooter: Flash Blesst