My name is Romina

I swapped wind for hills in pursuit of my calling to be a photographer. 

I grew up in Trieste, a windy city by the sea, and I now live in Edinburgh (windy and by the sea too). I’m drawn to wherever my camera leads me, along with amazing photographers, and great friends.

Photography fulfils my creative passions. I’ve been fortunate enough to be involved in the wedding industry since 2013; I love the connection I make with the people I photograph. If you are looking for a photographer that thinks outside of the box and doesn’t mind moving mountains (figuratively, of course, I’m not that strong) to get you the pictures you’ve been dreaming about; I’m the right fit for you.

I love travelling around Europe, I am yet to find a place I wouldn’t go back to!

No destination is too far, so wherever you are, get in touch and let’s make things happen!

Here’s some pictures taken all around the world… Gotta spread the world… You know it’s gonna be okay!

Don't stop being a silly girl!

Here are some things I love. All in random order!